Welcome to Lube Man Mark. We want to thank you for joining us on this exciting new adventure.

We have always enjoyed feeding people. We find that there is nothing more fun and relaxing than spending time with friends and family around the grill and around the table.
Whether you are family, old friends or new ones we are honored to share our life and our sauce with you.

Nothing at all warms the heart like good food and good conversation. We can see you now cooking with your friends and family around the grill laughing and sharing tall tales All the while your neighbors are wondering just what that mouth watering smell is and why they didn’t get the memo.

Please feel free to leave us comments and messages on how you used your sauce. Come and share your favorite ways to use the sauce as we share ours with you.

Remember, always keep it simple, truthful and never give up.

Lube Man Mark and Amy

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